You are a None Icleandic club - these are the steps. 

1. Finish setting up a contract with Sportabler(Skip this step if you already have a contract)

2. Sportabler creates your club/organisation in the system and gives you Admin rights(If this is not complete please contact our customer service in the golden bubble)

3. When you have your account up and running you should see this view (like in the picture below). If you can´t see this view then please contact us through our live chat at and we will fix it for you.

4. Now it is time to start the onboarding process. It is important to start with adding coaches to the right age groups - (See - Staff tab)

5. Now all the coaches should be in the right age groups and have an active account. We recommend that the coaches create a training plan before you invite your players/guardians. It is a better experience for players/guardians to see events coming up when they log in to the app – (See - Create training plan - Coaches)

6. A training plan for each age group should now be ready. The next step is to load all the players into the right age groups and invite them to create an account  – (See - Add players and invite them)

7. Now you can advertise that from now on you are using Sportabler. You have already sent  guardian/player an invite to create an account. Make sure that everyone is connected, you can follow that easily on the statistics site - (See - Statistics)

8. Now everything is set up. If you need any assistance please come to our live chat at

Other things that are good to learn:

  • Add and remove players from Admin view - (See Add and remove)
  • Cancel and delete events from Admin view - (See Cancel, delete events)
  • You can find also find a lot of useful information for Admins and coaches at Sportabler Help center - (See Help center)