Create an Event in app (Steps):

1. Go to the group you want to create an event for.

2. Go to events, then click the three dots in the upper right corner and then create event.

It is important to choose the right group / groups for the event so the right players/guardians will be invited to the event and to choose an area where the exercise will take place.

If the default attendance is checked, you assume that everyone will attend. However, parents / players can change from attending to not attending. 

If the default attendance is not checked, parents / players must answer whether they will attend the event. Note: You as a coach can always overwrite the attendance list.

Send notification: You can choose whether you want to send notification to relatives and / or players.

Now event should appear in Event Overview of the age group and in My Schedule of players/guardians/coaches connected to the event.

Create an Event in web (Steps)

1. In the menu, go to Events, press the arrow and select "Create Event"