We recommend the following steps to invite players to a match trough the app. 

The match must be created through the desktop version without sub-group and then you can find the match in the app and invite players.

1) Click on the match

2)  Click on the three dots in the top right corner and then press Add member

3) Type the name of the player until you find him and then click on the player. Then go onto the next player and when finished you press ok.

4) We recommend sending notification to both player and guardian


There are 2 common ways of doing this. 

1) Make future games appear in “my schedule” for players, parents and coaches for everyone and then update final match day squad when ready. 

This way everyone knows that the match will take place in the future but that the final match day squad has not been selected so you update the event when you know the final match day. Benefits of this is that you communicate clearly the match schedule and people can plan in advance that a match is upcoming, i.e. travel. This is close to reality when matches are planned in the future but not clear which players play each match. 


1. You create a match in Sportabler and select the sub-group Everyone or All. In the event description you will write, i.e. “Match Day Squat will be announced 3 days before the match”  Now the match will appear in the calendar for everyone and its clear that leading up to the match day you will announce who has been selected for the match. 

If you do not have a specific match day squad and everyone is allowed to play at the game you don´t have to do more steps. If you have however a larger group where not all players play all matches you can follow the next steps.


2. You create another sub-group which you can name Match Day Squad, at the time you have decided your match day squad and are ready to announce it you drag the players into the sub-group / or edit and multi select players, now you sub-group Match Day Squad should have all the players

Create the group

Put in the players

Your Match Day Squad is ready, don´t forget the coaches (You can also attach the coaches early on if you know that so that they can have it in their schedule). 

3. You edit the match, change the sub-group for the event from Everyone -> Match Day Squad, Remove the text or edit it to Match Day Squad selection,  and select to send a push notification to players and parents. This way you notify all players and parents.

Express version, how to change sub-group from event list (but this does not change the text)

4. What happens: Match has been updated and all players, parents and coaches associated within the match day squad will receive a push notification. For those who have not been selected the event will disappear from my schedule. If you like to let people know who have not been selected you can message the match before you do step 3 above and say, “final match day squad will be announced soon, for those who will not be selected the upcoming match will be removed from your respective calendars (my schedule)”

All ready and clear

Remember then to clean / update the match day squad sub-group for each match (you can also make different match day squads, i.e. Match day squad Fulham, Match day squad Luton etc.)

2) Make matches NOT appear in My Schedule for Everyone, just for those who have been selected when you announce the squad

The match will be visible in the Event List of the whole age-group but it won't be visible in my schedule. In our experience this is less transparent as fewer players / parents look at event calendar of the whole age-group.  


  1. You create a match in Sportabler and skip selecting a sub-group for the event (The event will be visible in the Event list of the Age-group, if you want it to appear in my schedule for the coache, you have to select the coaches or add them to the group match day squad. 
  2. When you have decided who will be selected for Match Day Squad, you do step 2 and 3 from above, but instead of changing the sub-group, you simply add the sub-group Match Day Squad
  3. What happens, all players, parents and coaches associated with the match day squad will receive a push notification.

To create a match go to events (arrow) and click on create a match

In this option you can create a single match.

Groups: If you want to create the match days before kick off and don't know your squad yet we recommend that you leave the groups field empty. When you know your match day squad you should attach the group to the match in your event schedule. See the picture below.

See here how you create sub-groups and change them in your age group: Create and change sub-groups

In app:

1. Go to the group you want to create the match for

2. Go to events, then click the three dots in the upper right corner and then create match