You can now create a payable event in Sportabler. It´s great for collecting fees for tournaments, pizza nights and a lot of other stuff!

Create a payable event

Step 1: When creating payable event you need to have a payment entitlement, the club takes care of that. If you have a payment entitlement from the club but it does not work you can try signing out and then in and then try again.

Step 2: To create payable event you need to click on the group, then click the arrow by events and then create event.

Step 3: When you click on ,,create event'' this window opens up and then you check the ,,Payable Event'' box.

Step 4: Fill out this form

Step 5: When you click on ,,Create Event'' on the bottom right corner, the payable event goes to the top of the program of that group. When the guardian or member has paid, the event goes to the right place in the program.