We have added an easy and convenient way to upload matches from the Torneopal tournament system, which more and more tournament organizers in this country are starting to use.

When the matches have been created in the Torneopal tournament page, you can select your club and click on CSV (see screenshot). The system also creates a file that contains all the club's matches.

The file is then uploaded to Sportabler in the "Create many matches" format.

The system instantly fills the form with all the information about the matches.

A coach then needs to put the right subgroup on the right match, e.g. Abler1 has all the matches in the Abler 1 team - now or he can wait with it and put the groups on games later more through the event page.

By taking advantage of this feature, it does not take long to put hundreds of games into Sportabler and with the games on the program it is possible to maximize the utilization of the system, e.g. by organizing the team's coaching staff and arranging them for the games.