Instructions on how Sportabler can be used to carry out sports activities, e.g. assembly ban

Dear coaches and teachers,

It is very easy to set up home exercises for practitioners. You can put on schedules, attach attachments, links or videos.

There is a lot of material for e.g. on the web that can be utilised. Now just use your imagination and keep trying. Maybe something that parents can participate in too?

Example of a simple outdoor run - Have an answer when the run is over

Step 1. Create an event or rehearsal

Step 2. Insert a message in the event information field

Step 3. Make sure that the default attendance is not checked

Now if you then want confirmation from your players, they can send you videos and photos through Sportabler.

Useful tutorial videos can be found below and our customer service is always open!

Good luck!

Here is a video that shows how a possible timeline would appear on your phone and how you can insert the content.