Sportabler has many tools that come in handy!

First of all, it should be noted that all sub-groups are extremely simple and each coach within a club can divide their group into as many subgroups as is convenient.

Resource calendar

With the resource calendar, it is easy to keep track of where in the clubs area each group practices. In case of infection, it is easy to trace who was together when and where.

We recommend that the regional calendar be divided into small units. E.g. divide each football field into at least two areas - we do it according to your wishes in the customer service center.

Good communication and information between players / guardians and coaches is a key factor so that everything runs smoothly when the training has started again.

The chat options are numerous and many things are possible.

Recently, users have been able to respond to the coach at the event (Respond with details).

When sending a message to a group, coaches can see who has read the message, they can create chat groups of their own, attach photos and videos, and admins can send messages to all of the club's players!