We introduce the first step in a direct connection to the KSÍ match database.

Your teams have now been linked to KSÍ, which allows you to search for all the age groups matches on KSÍ's website and upload them directly to Sportabler. If your club is not connected to KSÍ please contact Sportabler.


In regards with this update, a fundamental change was made in the system that now it is not necessary to attach a group to a match when it is created, as it is often not known what group will be assigned to a match that is not played in the next few days.

It is therefore possible to upload your team's game schedule into the system well in advance and players, relatives and coaches can always see the team's schedule by going to the 'Events' tab but the games will not appear on 'My Schedule' until a group has been attached to the match. The coach can attach groups on the event page when he has selected the group.

When a coach selects a group to play, e.g. "B-team" then a menu appears where you can send everyone in that group a notification.

A link to the match will be added to the event and the results will be updated once they have been registered with KSÍ.

Our system then monitors changes in KSÍ's match database and if a match changes in the future that has been added to Sportabler, it is automatically updated in tact with KSÍ, e.g. venue and playing time. Those who are registered as 'Head Coaches' in the category will be notified via the app with more information about the change.

We hope that this change will benefit you in your work and remind you that we are always available in the customer service if any questions come to mind.