There is useful feature on the category's event page where you can quickly add a coach to an event/match or remove a coach from an event.

When events are created, the coaches in the group are automatically assigned to the event.

With these features it is possible to add any coach within the group to the event even if he is not part of the group and it is also possible with one click to remove a coach from an event.

If there is no coach in the group that relates to the event, it is possible to put a coach on an event and this is a  very effective in arranging coaches for games in speed tournaments, e.g. but then there is a good overview of how the coaches are distributed within different teams in the category and everyone also gets the right schedule for their Sportabler access.

Examples that have come up:

  • A coach who teaches only certain days of the week but not all of the age groups trainings
  • Strength trainer who only takes care of strength training and not all trainings
  • Absence of coach and substitute coach takes care of the training
  • Many events within a group on the same day as the coaching staff share tasks
  • The coaching staff arranged for many games on the same day

We encourage you to test this feature and see how it can make your work more efficient. Then feel free to contact us through the customer support center if you run into any problems.