Would you like to share a post on your club, division, or team's wall?

Below, you'll find detailed information about this feature along with guidelines for optimal use. This feature has been eagerly awaited by many users.

Posts offer similar functionalities to the familiar Facebook wall, enabling directors and coaches to share posts to players/guardians.

Ideas on how to use the posts feature include:

  • Sharing photos or videos from the organization's/team's practices and events.
  • Promoting events on behalf of the organization.
  • Broadcasting important announcements and sharing general information.

Who can perform which actions?

A Director can post on the organization's wall, department wall, and individual team walls.

  • Posting on the organization's wall: Visible to everyone in the organization.
  • Posting on the department wall: Visible to everyone in the department.
  • Posting on the team wall: Visible to everyone in the team.

*Guardians, players, and coaches can see posts made on the wall. It's not possible to selectively send posts only to guardians, for instance.

A Coach can post on the team's wall and can also edit the post.

*Administrators and coaches have the authority to delete comments on a post made by managers/athletes.

A Guardian/player cannot post on the wall, but they can like posts from the director/coach. Additionally, it's possible to decide whether managers can leave comments or not when creating the post.

Director/coach can publish posts using both the app and the web interface

In app

1. Click on posts and then the pen in the right corner

2. Then you can write the text in the box, choose the appropriate age group or department. You can pin the post to the top and choose whether guardians/players can comment.

3. If you click on the plus sign below "Allow comments," you can add images and attachments

4. When you have created the post then it will look like this

Via computer (admins)

1. Click on "Posts" in the control panel on the left side of the screen.

2. Next, choose whether the entry should appear in an individual division/age group or the whole club.

3. You can pin the post to the top of the wall and choose whether guardians/members can write a comment on the post.

4. Finally, you can add images put attachments to the post (e.g. video) and when everything is ready, you click the "Post" button.