Enhance your customer experience by delivering personalized emails from your club when they subscribe. Our solution allows you to create emails and attach to a service so when a customer purchases the service, the email will be automatically sent.

1. To activate this feature you simply create or change the service and go to Email Notification where you can choose the appropriate email. If you haven't set up an email template yet, click on Email Notification on the the right side of the screen to get started.

2. As you can see there is no email template here so to create one you need to click on Create new+

3. After clicking on Create new+ then this form will open. Within this form, you'll provide variables such as the recipient's name, the email's title, and the corresponding content.

Consider this sample email as a guide. Various variables have been incorporated, including recipientName for the buyer's name and playerName for the practitioner or student.

Once all necessary details have been entered, simply click Save to complete the process."

4. Now you can attach the email template to the service and finish creating or changing the service.

That's it! The email will now be sent to customers who have purchased the service.