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Abler's privacy policy

About Abler ehf. and the privacy policy

Sportabler is a computer system that is primarily intended for coaches, practitioners, parents, and employees of sports clubs and other similar entities. The system is maintained by Abler ehf., Höfðabakki 9, 110 Reykjavík. With Sportabler, coaches and managers can set up an event calendar divided into teams/divisions and make changes with simple actions. Practitioners can connect to the system, have an overview of their schedule, and communicate with coaches. Parents can monitor their children's activities, such as which programs they are enrolled in and communicate with coaches. The clubs can charge practice fees and receive payments for various events, goods and services. With the system, anyone who participates in the activities can have the best overview of the timetable, make any notifications/changes available in an accessible manner, and manage information so that only those who require so can access it. Abler places great emphasis on ensuring that the processing of personal data is based on the fundamental principles of laws and regulations on personal data protection to safeguard and respect the rights of individuals. In general, Abler is a processor within the meaning of the Privacy Act, but the company that uses the system in its operations is a controller. Below is a description of how the company processes personal information, for what purpose, where it is obtained, its main categories, how it is shared and how its security is ensured. The information below applies to all those whose personal data the company needs to process in its operations. This includes all users of Sportabler, practitioners, their parents and guardians, coaches and other employees of parties that use Sportabler in their operations. Attention is drawn to the fact that more detailed or specialized instruction on handling personal information may be provided in other terms or the provision of information in connection with certain services. Each controller also includes information on the processing of personal information on its behalf.

Types of personal information collected

The collection and processing of personal information is a necessary part of the use of the Sportabler computer system. The information registered in the system is usually from either the user himself or the sports club. Examples of information that can be entered into the system are:

  • Basic information: name, ID number, address, telephone number, profile picture and other essential details such as family ties where applicable.
  • Communication information: information about the communication through the application, both in group conversations and between two users. The communication system is traditionally structured, and information about the participants in each chat is accessible in the system.
  • Payment information: information on payment history and payment instructions.
  • Practitioner's attendance history: information on attendance at training and tournaments in cases where the user or trainer registers the attendance in the system.
  • Technical information and derivative behaviour and usage information: when an error is detected, we collect data and information (through third party products) on your phone called file data. It contains information about your device's IP address, device name, operating system version, application settings for using our service, time and date of use, and other numbers. Then, anonymous information is collected through web browsers and servers, such as the type of web browser, the selected language, and the date and time of each visit. Furthermore, we store IP addresses.
  • Abler may use the services of third parties such as Google Analytics to collect and monitor the information collected to increase the service's quality. This third party maybe have access to personal devices to be able to carry out the tasks which it is assigned for our hand. While is it obliged to publish not or use the information in any order and have their privacy policies regarding the use of such information.
  • Other information: the above list is not exhaustive, and additional information may be entered into the system as appropriate.

Processing of personal information about children

The computer system can be used to manage sports activities for children under the age of thirteen. Particular care is taken to ensure that guardians have an overview of their children's use, as appropriate. At the same time, it is essential for children to use the program responsibly.

Purpose of personal processing information

All processing of personal information in the system is for a clear and stated purpose and in accordance with the Privacy Act and this policy. The process aims to create a platform to improve the management of sports and leisure activities, make access to information convenient and straightforward, thus increasing users' overview of their programs and simplifying their communication with sports club employees. Abler may also use the information to send out newsletters, marketing materials or promotional materials and other information that may be relevant to the user. The user can always change his settings to opt-out of these messages if they are not required to provide the service. In addition, Abler collects non-personally identifiable information about Sportabler users and the use of its software in its database. The purpose of this data collection is, for example, to use data and usage information to develop and improve the software, and in some cases, to detect developments in sports and leisure activities. The only information Sportabler may subsequently share with third parties are statistical reports and - analysis based on compilations and non-personally identifiable data from a group of users Sportabler.

Sources for processing personal information

The processing of personal information is based on an agreement and a relationship between the parties on the provision of services. Sportabler is a computer system designed to make managing services for sports and leisure organizers, practitioners, and their guardians easier and better. Practitioners might provide additional information to Sportabler to increase the functionality of a computer system, such as sending messages, recording attendance, and sending reminders by email. In such cases, the processing is usually based on an agreement or agreement between the parties. The information may then be processed because Abler, the user or a third party has a legitimate interest in it. Such processing takes place only when it is clear that the interests of the processing taking place would outweigh it not doing so. This processing can, for example, take place for the benefit of target group analysis and network and information security.

Origin and delivery of personal information

The above personal information is usually entered into the system by either the service provider or the user himself. They are only accessible to the extent necessary and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act. Individual users may decide that information about themselves, such as name, or contact information such as phone number, is not accessible to others, for example, other members of a group or group. In general, Abler does not provide information about users of the system to others. However, in some instances, personal information may be required to be delivered to law enforcement, authorities or other domestic and international regulators based on legal obligations or international agreements. Abler is committed to ensuring the human rights of its customers, including the right to privacy and privacy, and does not provide more extensive information than is necessary at any given time and only if there is an explicit authorization for the delivery.

The rights of individuals

The Privacy Act provides for the rights of individuals. This includes the right to education and information on how personal data is processed about them. Other rights include the right to:

  • Access personal information: users have the right to information about whether personal data about them is processed and access to it. This policy provides information on how to proceed.
  • Transfer of personal information: in certain circumstances, it is possible to request that certain personal information that has been provided be handed over to another party. This must be technically feasible and only applies to personal information obtained based on consent or the execution of a contract.
  • Corrections or deletions of personal information: at any time, it is possible to request that incorrect or unreliable personal information be corrected. It may then be possible to request that certain personal data be deleted.
  • Restriction or opposition to the processing of personal data: it is always possible to oppose the processing of personal data that takes place in the interest of direct marketing. It may then be possible to object to the processing for other reasons, such as the individual's particular circumstances. In some instances, it is also possible to request that the processing of personal information be suspended. Abler will respond to requests according to the above free of charge unless they are unwarranted, excessive or request the delivery of more than one copy of personal information. Anyone wishing to exercise their rights must prove their identity satisfactorily. Abler places great emphasis on all processing of personal information in Sportabler being in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act. In the event of a dispute regarding the processing, you can contact us by sending an email to Individuals are also always entitled to direct a complaint to the Data Protection Authority in the event of a dispute regarding the processing of personal information. You can contact the Data Protection Authority by sending an email to

Security of personal information

Abler cares about the security of your personal information. We strive to follow and maintain sensible and commercially satisfactory security rules and practices according to the nature of the information we hold to protect it from unauthorized access, deletion, use, alteration or disclosure. To this end, Abler regularly assesses information security risk factors related to personal information. To ensure the above, Abler has established security procedures. The methods aim to develop and maintain internal control over and documentation of the company's internal security. Furthermore, it aims to ensure regular training of employees on rules on handling personal data and the risk to information security. It also provides that employees, contractors, service providers and other third parties that have access to personal information have a contractual responsibility in this regard. The main technical measures that Abler has taken to ensure the security of personal information include virus and server protection solutions, network security solutions that combine firewalls, network settings and other technologies, encryption of data transfer in the Abler system with HTTPS data storage in SQL storage within the EU/EEA and regular backup of essential data and infrastructure. Measures have also been taken to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to personal information and adequate security of the premises and where data storage is located.


Cookies are files with a small amount of data that are used for unique anonymous authentication. The web page you use sends them to your browser and is stored in your device's internal memory. This service does not directly use "cookies". However, the app may use third-party codes and collections that use "cookies" to collect information and improve its services. You can choose to accept or reject these cookies and know when a cookie will be sent to your device. If you choose to decline our cookies, you may not be able to use some of these services.

Retention period of information

Personal information is stored for as long as necessary to provide the services described in the privacy policy. The information is not kept longer than necessary. As appropriate, access to information is limited, but we always ensure that only those who need the data have access to it. The information may be stored in a non-personally identifiable format for longer.


If you have any questions or suggestions about the processing of personal information in Sportabler, you can contact Abler ehf., Höfðabakki 9, 110 Reykjavik, by emailing Abler reserves the right to update this policy regularly. Users will be notified of significant policy changes before they take effect with a website announcement.