There are two ways to add discount manually on an invoice. 

Add discount while pre registering a member:

1. You click on the service that you want to pre register the member. Add him to the service and then drag him to the right.

2. Then this window pops up, you write down the discount and click on Confirm

Apply a discount to an existing invoice:

1. Click on Service overview and go to the service you are looking for.


2. Find the member on the right side of the screen and click on the three dots by their name. Then click Add Transaction

3. Then this window opens up and you select Discount in Transaction type

4. If you want to see the invoice then you click on the three dots again and then Go to invoice

You can also go this way:

1. Search for the member in the search bar or find him for example in the Age group and click on the profile.

2. Click on invoices

3. Go to the Invoice Number

4. Then Add Transaction

5. This window will open up and you can select Discount in Transaction type. It is possible to write down an amount or % and when you do that and click Create transaction the amount on the invoice will go down.

Then it will look something like this and the member or guardian can go to their unpaid invoices and pay.