Here are information on how to create a service

1. Click on Service overview and then Add Service

2. Fill this form out 

Name: Football trials - The name of the service and will appear in your Shop

Description: The detailed description of this service

Age Group: The Age Group you want the registered users to be routed to.

Activity type: The Activity type of this service

Public: You can choose if the service should appear in your Shop (public)

Destination Account: The destination account that the funds shall be routed to.

3. To create an option you click on Add option

Service options: Here are the options that the buyer can choose from, if there are more than one options.

Single Option: If this is checked then the buyer can only select one option when buying. You cannot change this after you have created the service.

Name: Service option name

Subscription start: When the course starts

Subscription end: When the course ends

Registration open: The date when the option will be visible in shop

Registration close: The date when the option will disappear in shop

Limited spots: The max number of registrations for this option

Waiting list: You can have a waiting list for this option

Price: The price for this option

Max Splits: The max number of payments the customer can split invoice in shop checkout. Select 1 if no splits.

Status: Option status, if Public then the option is visible in shop

Group routing: The Sub Group within the Age Group that the registered users will be routed to. 

4. The last step is then to click on Create