Note: This is for organisations that are NOT using the Icelandic based social security system (basically all organisations outside of Iceland). 

This is only possible in web (not mobile)

You click on Departments on the left side, then choose the Department that you are looking for (e.g. football) and then the Group.

Then you go to Add and choose either "Add many players or "Add many players + excel sign"

1.Add many players

You fill in the fields in the form, at the end you can automatically send an invite to the players / guardians. 

It´s optional to invite guardians, so if you do not intent to invite guardians you can ignore that field. If the players are so young that they will not use Sportabler, you can also ignore their personal email / phone field and only utilise the field for the guardian. 

At the end you push add members

What happens: Sportabler sends an invite email to the player/guardian, they have to click the link they receive in the email to create a password and then they can login.

If you want to send an invite later the coach (or you can switch to staff view) can do so by clicking the group, then go to members and finally resend the invite. 

2. Add many players via excel (Faster if you have many players)

You simply download the form and populate it, and the drag it into the window - and then the form above is automatically populated.