If users have problems logging in or have lost their password, it's best to go to the Sportablers ADMIN page to see what the problem is.

Forgotten password

In this example, Eiður Darri has forgotten his password and does not receive an email to create a new password when he tries it by himself. I look for his full name in the search bar, but you can also look for email address or SSN number(SSN only in Iceland). I see that the email address is correct and click on the circle on the far left next to the name and go to the other far right and click on reset the password. You can send e-mail or SMS. If you choose to send an e-mail, there is a possibility that the e-mail will end up in spam, trash or junk, but the text message should be received immediately. 

NOTE this can also happen when guardians / players try to register in the system but do not receive a confirmation email, but then it is enough for you to look them up and reset the password.

If one guardian has access but the player himself or another guardian requests access

In this example, Heimir Logis parents have access, but he wants access for himself.

NOTE this only applies to those who do not already have access. 

He can go to www.sportabler.com/signup and put in the age groups code or download the app and enter the code inside the app. The code used is found in the age group. Click on football and then the age group and there is the code. See photo.

When player has quit the age group but player/guardians still getting messages from the age group

If a player quits and receives a message through the chat on Sportabler even though you have removed it from the age group, the following options are available. 

NOTE below are explanations of how this is done, but coaches can do this as well as guardians / players can do this themselves.


Remove a player/guardian from a chat in the app (Players / guardians can do it themselves)







Remove member from chat in web(Coaches can do this)