Once a player has been pre-registered, an invoice for training/courses fee will be created for the player or guardian.

Pre-registration is e.g. used in the case of a limited supply of seats.

** To use the municipality grant, you must log in with an "Íslykilill" or electronic authentication **

How do I pay for a pre-registered player?

On Computer:

Step 1: Sign in at the Shop https://www.sportabler.com/shop/ and click on the button in the upper right corner (You have unpaid bills).

Step 2: Find the unpaid invoice you want to pay and click on ,,Pay''

In app:

Step 1: Go to the three lines on the far right and click on ,,Unpaid''

Step 2: Select th eunpaid invoice you want to pay

Step 3: Click on ,,Go to checkout'' and select municipality Grant / Payment Distribution as appropriate